Floating In Paradise

Nadine Stippler Evokaii Story Sri Lanka -

Caribbean Spirit

I wake up to Caribbean rhythms and blink into the first rays of sunlight which are announcing the start of a fresh day. The ocean is ceaselessly pushing the waves back and forth over the fine sand and I can hear the wind bristling through the trees.

The first kitesurfers come onto the water; as they get their momentum and completely connect with the great ocean – they become one and magically seem to float.

That’s why I came here: to start a new life, to float in it, to be completely one with the ocean and feel the immensity of the sea. I like the fact that there is undisturbed silence in its depths – although there are ripples on its surface that are driven by the wind. Would I also find my peace?

The Art Of Balance

I pack my kites and jump into the adventure. “Kitesurfing is the art of finding the right balance. Is this not what life is about?”

Nadine Stippler Evokaii Story Sri Lanka -
Balancing Gravity Between Elements

Through day and night, to feel the ocean – that’s what I like. I have respect for him. For this infinity. Its water flows in the rhythm of the moon far beyond the horizon. Sometimes I feel like I’m listening to the ocean inside myself. Completely calm, he is not paying attention to me, I think. And from that moment on, he becomes my trust. My teacher. Strict but fair. Honest and merciless at the same time.

Nadine Stippler Evokaii Story Sri Lanka -
Simply Stunning

A New Life

I feel fresh in this paradise and start a new life. Laughing people with beautiful bodies stroll in swimming trunks and with flip-flops past me, while on the roadside fresh fruits are offered.

I like the idea of ​​living in this tiny, enchanted place. But unfortunately everything is different and after three weeks I am back in the cold and gloomy Germany.

But what remains is the memory of the shining white sandy beach, the endless and inviting blue sea, the vivid colours of the island, the fresh smell of fruits and the connection of different cultures of the world. And these little items of my paradise I carry as a treasure with me onwards into my next adventures.

Nadine Stippler Evokaii Story Sri Lanka -
Beautiful Shared Moments