My Salty Sisters

My Salty Kitesurf Sisters

“Happiness must be shared” – Into the Wild We all have those experiences, together with our friends, where the excitement pulses through our veins. And wouldn’t we be with our friends those moments we live for would only feel half as magical. Sharing these passionate moments, has also taken deep root in Janina and Anita, […]


We are always up to get to know new people/communities and the pandemic gave us the change to finally catch up with Lisa from the well known Dutch Kiteheart community. Since we share the same passion and visions we decided to team up and spread the word. Lisa and Tim are work, kitesurf and travel […]

Welcome our new kitesurf team rider Maxie Rath

Evokaii team rider Maxie Rath

We are proud to present to you our new Evokaii kitesurf team rider, Maxie Rath. Can you briefly introduce yourself? Hey, I am Maxie, 25 Years old and I live in the south of Germany in Munich. I study Aerospace Engineering and will soon finish my master Degree. Whenever I have time I travel to […]

Top Kitesurf Destinations For 2020 – Sicily

Top Kitesurf Destinations for 2020 - Sicily

Some of you might have already visited Sicily but probably many more have never even heard about this fabulous kitesurf spot on this island, which is called Stagnone. Therefore we hope to show you some information on both parts, with some background information on what to expect if you choose to visit Sicily for your […]

Top Kitesurf Destination For 2020 – Zanzibar

Top Kitesurf Destination For 2020 - Zanzibar

2019 is over. A decade has just finished. After a long and nice Christmas holiday, we all went back to work but hey.. is it just me or you are already thinking too where to travel and spend your kitesurf holidays next? Still not too late to hit on one of the world’s most beautiful […]

Floating In Paradise

Nadine Stippler Evokaii Story Sri Lanka -

Caribbean Spirit I wake up to Caribbean rhythms and blink into the first rays of sunlight which are announcing the start of a fresh day. The ocean is ceaselessly pushing the waves back and forth over the fine sand and I can hear the wind bristling through the trees. The first kitesurfers come onto the […]

KiteSurf Colombia

Collection of Surf And Travel Pictures of Colombia

Oh Colombia When you hear Colombia most people think of Pablo Escobar, the drug cartels and the FARC rebells. Not only through the news, but recently the series Narcos has produced so much publicity, that even the labs and houses of the Narcos have become famous places for people to worship and lay down flowers. So […]