Top Kitesurf Destination For 2020 – Zanzibar

Top Kitesurf Destination For 2020 - Zanzibar

2019 is over. A decade has just finished. After a long and nice Christmas holiday, we all went back to work but hey.. is it just me or you are already thinking too where to travel and spend your kitesurf holidays next?

Still not too late to hit on one of the world’s most beautiful kite beach which is on Zanzibar. This stunning tropical paradise lays East-Mid Africa in front of Tanzania has 2 windy seasons as kite spots around the equator normally do.

If you are lucky you still find a good price ticket from Europe and travel to the old continent. So till March, you can enjoy living in a postcard and kitesurf. Tickets variates from 350 to 700 euro (return) depending on the timing of your purchase.

Why Zanzibar?


Amazing Nature

  • This island is the real tropical paradise. You will only find small villages. Even the frequented places with the bigger hotels are seeming just a street from the jungle. Further up from the structures on the beach is still just white sand and coconut trees with the huts of the locals. Nature is thriving here. You will find all tropical animals in and out of the water and during kitesurfing. Our favourite trips were the early morning dolphins watching when we always had luck. Travel tip: get there first! When the other boats arriving at the dolphins starting to migrate and getting more nervous.

Diving beside kitesurf

  • We can strongly suggest snorkel trips over to north.east part of Zanzibar with a daily bus trip. Travel tip: ask the boat drivers to take you to the side of the deep water on the reef where the corals have a better condition and more fish passing. As well take the fins with you because the current is very strong.

Kitesurf Experience

  • The wind is low, but hey who says having a kitesurf holiday in light wind is a crime? Best to practice wakestlye and freestyle moves or just cruising over the optical white sandy bottom lagoon. There are several places on Zanzibar where you can kite. Always plan your trips well. Zanzibar is huge.

Food of Zanzibar

  • We really liked the food, well-spiced fresh fish food, vegies, beef..all. And the fruits are just AMAZING. Travel tips: don’t check in the kitchens.. However, we tried restaurants and street food places all over we didn’t have a problem with food poisoning.

Local People

  • Even you arrive in a Muslim country the locals are very welcoming and very smiley! We had a very nice experience getting in interaction with the Masai people and the locals of Zanzibar on the kitesurf spot or any other places during ur travel.

Night Life in Zanzibar

  • Believe it or not this off-grid island around Paje has the best atmospheric nightlife I have ever experienced in kite scenery. Almost every night there is something uniques to visit. Starting with the famous B4 beach club, the Jambo reggae club and definitely visit the Red Monkey lodge for a Thursday jam session. The best jam session of my life.. and every Thursday is! Travel tips: only take the money you need for drinks. No watch, wallet or phone. Having robbed can occur on the way walking not on the spot but like this is no place for failure.



  • Zanzibar is a third world island with all its beauty and difficulty. Restaurants, transportation and supermarkets are pretty expensive and you can bargain. We really tried.

Sea Urchins

  • There are really many of them. Luckily, the white sand helps to spot the little, black spiky bastards. Despite that take a lot of care where you kite and walk.