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Pascal Christen TheFreeSurfer Surf Travel It’s been time – long overdue actually. As at the most times if you would talk with Pascal during a beer at the evening sun overlooking the lake in his hometown in Zug, Switzerland. He’s been already several months in the country, working hard so that he can leave and travel/surf the world again. His work schedule is only interrupted by long weekends for a surf trip down to the closest coast or the occasional ultimate tournament or festival. Now he packed his things again and left for new adventures. True to the motto of “Time is not Money”. He’s probably has seen more of the world as most of the common folk. Of course his life style isn’t the one everyone is looking after, but every other is secretly wishing he could do the same. Regardless if dreaming in the office for the annual surf trip, planning your long surf adventure with your buddies or simply to let your mind drift away, on his travel/surf blog you will find inspiration which will take on the journey. Check out his last posts from his current trip or his surf reports from all the places he has already visited and definitely can drop you a pearl of local knowledge making your adventure even more awesome.