Kamila wearing our pink Big Hood at the Polish seaside

The Origins

When we started off with our first hoodies in 2011 we didn’t know much about how to produce fashion cuts. We solely had the ideas and visions in our head how they should look and feel. Like any human being we started with the products which already were out there. Then we started with the improvements we wanted to see ourselves.

We took apart our favourite surf hoodies and created cut templates, piece by piece. We reached out to a friend of ours who studied fashion design and who assisted us in including our ideas and visions of improvements. Change the pockets for the hands, create custom inline fabrics to contrast and style.

We really wanted to make the hoodie of our surf pullover to be spacious and comfortable. Most of the hoodies back then were lean cut for your head, as soon you have more hair, big beanies or scarfs on they would be super tight.

Snow Kiting on Bernina Pass
Kitesurf Big Hood Fashion Model Shot Front Colour Brown
Kitesurf Big Hood Fashion Model Shot Front Colour Pink

Signature Models – A Vision Comes Alive

The big hooded hoodie cut was the first improvement we would make to our line of production. Through the years it kept our styles apart from other conventional brands. The big hoodie feature today is part also on our other hoodies like the beloved Freestyle, or the Bombora with its distinctive wave pattern. Of course depending on the individual style the cut and designs vary. However the idea and spacious big hoodie design is kept as a constant.


Kitesurf Hoodie Green Front

The Origin of Our Inspiration

When we were little our parents were teaching us their beloved water sport. As with most people it used to be windsurfing at the time. Of course the material we trained with was our parent’s (and not some fancy lightweight kids gear). So the struggle to keep balance on the choppy waves was real.

And as a small kid we wanted to quit numerous times. In retro perspective we really are happy we didn’t.
Then as soon as we mastered the technics half-way through we were hooked. We spent most of our vacations somewhere close to the water with wind and waves in our face.

Nowadays, 25 years later, we mostly kitesurf. The sport has developed amazingly but the constants of wind and waves stayed.

 As constant our Zipper Wave Hoodie features not only a big hood but also a high neck style cut. It keeps the wind out while we are at the seaside. It is the little things which improve life.
I wish I had this when were little and were Windsurfing in South of France during Christmas time. I vividly remember coming out of the water with blue lips and freezing hands, whereas our mother would await us with hot chocolate at our van.

Oldschool picture of a men holding his windsurfing board
Oldschool Windsurfing
Windsurfing during cold weather in South France
Cold Christmas Surfing in Hyeres, France
Oldschool Mercedes Traveling Van Bus
Cozy Van Life
Picture of a family with in south France with two kids and a dog in sunny windy weather
Windy times in South France with the family
Father holding an old windsurfing sail with his two kids
Flying in the wind with the kids
Windsurfing Training 10 Years in Naxos Greece
Trying to keep the sail steady
Windsurfing Training 10 Years in Naxos Greece
Training in Naxos, Greece