Monthly Competition

Evokaii Promotion Newsletter

We are running a monthly competition on which you can win one free product! To participate simply sign up for our newsletter! First week in every month we are giving away one product to a random person from the signup list! If you didn’t win your name stays in with all contestants for the next […]

Behind the scenes

Surf Fashion - Behind The Scenes

For our new surf fashion collection, Polish top model Kamila Szczawinska and founder of health blog MyFitspirations, made her way with her family to Kołorbrzeg at the Polish seaside to take pictures for us. During her stay at the seaside she’s been also invited to run a cocktail workshop for Tchibo which main ingredient was coffee.Of course […]

In Search Of The Mermaid

Evokaii Kitesurf Fashion Mermaid Design

Many years, stories of the surfing sea mermaid spawn in our dreams and which we pursued on our search. After days on open sea and adventures across long forgotten islands we eventually were able to take a glimpse at them… therefore this seasons specials are dedicated to them.