Summer Dresses for Women

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Aloha Dress – Island Vibes



Parrot Dress

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Evokaii is one of the premier providers of women’s surf dresses. We know that our customers are always up for adventure but also that sometimes they want a more feminine look, which is why we also provide light summer dresses when you want to relax on the beach after a great surf session. We offer fashion that makes you look good and feel comfortable because we think that every woman deserves both from every piece of clothing that she wears. When you want to feel fun, beautiful and flirty, our surf dresses are the perfect option to add into your closet.

Eco-friendly surf dresses for women

We care about the environment, so all of our surf dresses are made with renewable natural fibers like cotton and bamboo, so that you can enjoy the feeling of soft material on your skin. For those who have skin sensitivity our surf clothes made with natural fibers will also be gentle on your skin, unlike many manufactured synthetic fibers. Made to be lightweight and breathable, our surf dresses will have you feeling comfortable even in warm temperatures. Wherever your day takes you, our light summer dresses will have you prepared for whatever fun and adventure a summer day has awaiting for you. 

Dresses for all occasions

Our tropical sundress line offers bright, eye-catching designs with tropical birds and flowers, making them perfect to take along with you when you go on holiday with your friends or family. We offer our tropical surf dresses in two different styles a no-sleeve sheath dress and a short sleeve dress with pleated skirts. Perfect for when you are spending time at the beach or by the pool, our surf dresses would make wonderful and light cover-ups over your bathing suit when you are finished swimming.  Wear our surf clothes for any casual occasion like a picnic, party, or informal date with that someone special. One of our streetwear will look great on you as you attend music festivals and outdoor events. Layer our surf dresses with other designs like our big hood hoodies or girls coats for those cooler evenings. 

Tropical surf dresses for summer

We also have dresses that are perfect for everyday wear, whether you are sitting in classes at university or working at your desk. Our regular light summer surf dresses with long sleeves come in different styles like sheath, pleated skirts, and adjustable waists. These surf clothing are made with soft brushed cotton to keep you comfortable and will feel soft against your skin.  Wear as a simple outfit for every day or you can add some jewelry and heels for more formal functions. These surf dresses are perfect for those summer evenings hanging out by a bonfire on the beach. Not just for summer, these particular surf dresses are great to wear during spring and autumn. Add this versatile dress into your wardrobe, so you can be ready for practically any weather.

Surfwear for demanding women

We know that our customers are women who are on the move and that is why we have made all of our dresses to move with you. Whether you are having some fun with your friends playing a game of soccer or volleyball or just walking about in the park, our summer surf dresses give you the mobility that you need for your everyday life. Stock your wardrobe with clothing that allows you to move comfortably. Evokaii has surf clothing that is built for the sporty and active woman.

Look through the surf sear designs that we have to offer and pick your favourite or enhance your wardrobe with several of our designs. Our surf dresses would also make a wonderful gift to give to any active woman that you know. Enjoy looking fashionable and feel comfortable when you wear our trendy modern dresses this summer.  When you wear our surf clothes, you will feel confident and comfortable on our life’s adventure. Order some of our stunning surf dress fashions to add into your personal collection.