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Hoodies for Women

We at Evokaii make our designs for women who are on the move and active. That includes our many surf hoodies designs that are perfect for those times when you need to add an extra layer. Our long hoodies are great to add into your wardrobe collection, adding a comforting and warm fit to put on over your regular clothes. Our big hood hoodies are designed to look fashionable while also being comfortable because you don’t have the time to be slowed down. If you are someone who enjoys being active, whether that means hitting the waves or jogging through the park, our European made hoodies are the perfect item to have around for when the weather becomes chilly. 

Summer, sporty women’s surf clothing that have enchanted the world

We at Evokaii are committed to the environment, which is why we use only natural fibres in all of our clothing, like cotton and bamboo. This means that our long hoodies will be extra gentle on your skin, unlike the synthetic fibres that are used by other companies. Our attention to the materials that we use in our line of European hoodies means they are ideal for those who have skin sensitivity to materials. We have a wide variety of different surf hoodies for you to choose from, so you get the style you prefer.

We have a line of surf hoodies for women that are a lighter pullover style made with our tropical designs that feature floral and bird accents. These fashionable surf sweatshirts are great for everyday wear, making them an item that you will definitely want to add into your closet. Our surf hoodies will keep you warm on the beach or when you are by the water. Pair one of our hoodies with our other fashion designs for a cute outfit that you will love to wear. These European hoodies will keep you comfortable throughout the day, so that you can wear it while you are attending an outdoor event or just sitting at home lounging on the couch.

Fashionable women’s surf hoodies

We also have a line of big hood hoodies that are thicker and well-suited for cold weather. This specific line was created to be long snowboard hoodies, but these designs would be great to wear for other winter activities like skiing, tubing, or ice skating. Stay warm as you take on the mountain or use these extra-long hoodies for cool mornings while you’re out camping in the woods. Great for those really chilly days, our big hood hoodies are essential for when the winter weather arrives. These surf hoodies have designs that will look wonderful on you with surf-themed and solid designs. Make sure that you add one of our long snowboard hoodies to your winter wardrobe. 

When it comes to your surfing passion, make sure that you get at least one of our big hood hoodie or our zippered hoodie designs. Our long hoodies will keep you nice and warm as you surf. These surf hoodies are also great to wear for other sports activities. After you are done with your workout, put on one of our surf sweatshirt as you cool off. We have created our hoodies to keep you warm and comfortable while looking trendy at the same time. 

Evokaii is the place to find all the surf clothing that you need for when you are kite-surfing. Grab a few of our surf hoodies to layer over the rest of your clothing for when the weather is cool. We pride ourselves in creating surf clothing that moves with you so that you can perform at your best. Whether you like our big hood hoodies, extra-long hoodies, zippered women’s surf hoodies or our pullover hoodies, we have a surf sweatshirt style that fits your particular style and needs. Come and take a look at the different designs that we have to offer you. Add a few of our European hoodies to your summer wardrobe, so that you are ready no matter what the weather conditions happen to be. Fuel your kite-surfing passion with the stylish surf clothing that we offer at Evokaii.