Women Coats

Evokaii is one of the premier outfitters for women’s surf clothing. We provide our customers with the perfect clothing for taking on the ocean waves. We know that real surfers love being on the waves and you won’t let a cool morning stop you, which is why we have created these summer coats which allow you to warm up after a cool dip in the ocean. We have made it comfortable and stylish, we don’t think that you should be forced to choose between the two. 

Eco-friendly long hooded coat for women

Evokaii makes girls coats using natural materials like brushed cotton inside that will make you feel all snug and warm. You will love the soft gentle feel of this material on your skin whenever you put it on. Our girls dress coats are perfect to layer over your other surf apparel so that you are prepared in case the weather changes. Pull up the hood on our girl’s coats to cover you from cold wind and rain or keep it down at more relaxing moments.

Depending on your mood or the weather, you can match up our long hooded coats with a pair of women’s lightweight sweatpants, shorts, or a skirt. It is also perfect to wear around the house on a lazy day as you are cuddled up on the couch binge-watching your favourite show. It is also perfect to wear for an evening picnic under the stars or cuddling next to a campfire to the one that you love. You can use our Evokaii surf clothes for numerous types of events where you would typically not use casual wear. 

Evokaii is tuned to our customers’ specific needs which is why we have designed our long hooded coats so that you can wear it in two different styles. That way, you can choose to wear it according to what is most comfortable for you. You can wear our girl’s coat open and flowing as a piece of outerwear or you can use the button closure on the collar to wrap the coat around you for a tighter, warmer fit. When you are out and the weather changes from cool to warmer, you don’t even have to take off it, just unbutton the flap and be on your way. 

Girls coats for all-weather

Our overcoats are not too thick, making them perfect to put on during a windy summer day. Not just for summer, our girls dress coats are perfect to wear during the fall and spring when the weather is still cool in the morning and evening.  We know that the women who wear the girls dress coats from our Evokaii line are always up for an adventure and ready for what life has waiting for them, which is why we made our girl’s coats suitable for the beach, camping, or hiking in cooler weather. Keep one of our girls dress coats in your car or in your hiking gear for when the weather starts to cool or when it begins to rain. 

When the weather starts to get cold, you don’t have to worry about the chill in the air when you are wearing one of our cosy and comfortable girls coats that we have to offer. If you are on the search for a long hooded girls coat to wear, make sure that you consider Evokaii when you buy coats online. When you wear it, you will be able to enjoy both comforts and be confident in your looks. Give one of our girl’s coat as a thoughtful gift to your family members or friends. Spoil yourself a little and get one of these comfortable girl’s coats for your closet. Enjoy better performance when you use the surf clothing at Evokaii.