Top Kitesurf Destinations For 2020 – Sicily

Top Kitesurf Destinations for 2020 - Sicily

Some of you might have already visited Sicily but probably many more have never even heard about this fabulous kitesurf spot on this island, which is called Stagnone. Therefore we hope to show you some information on both parts, with some background information on what to expect if you choose to visit Sicily for your next kitesurf trip.

The grand marketing is all about ‘300 days of wind’ – which can be true – but let us dive into the details.

The Season in Sicily

The kitesurf season in Sicily starts in early March. Sicily is very close to the African continent but doesn’t let it fool you, it is still pretty fresh in March with around 15-20 degrees. The warm weather usually starts around May. During this month boardshorts or bikini are already enough though. The summer really kicks in between June to the middle of October, after which it gets fresh.

Windy Season

You will find wind in Sicily all year round. The pre-season has strongest winds in general. During May-June the Sicilian weather system changes and the thermic season starts with lighter wind conditions. This usually keeps up till the beginning of September when the weather changes again. During the weather system change in September, you won’t get that many days as in pre-season, so it is worth calculating this in on your trip. However, from mid-October, you can get very lucky with summer conditions and good wind days.

Why Sicily?

You will kite! And you will kite in exceptionally easy conditions. The large lagoon of Stagnone has 50cm-1m water everywhere. There are no dangerous things in the water however half the lagoon is muddy bottom wherever you touch the ground. The water is glass flat in every condition and a true freestyle paradise. Due to its easy conditions, it’s also perfect for beginners who are still not sure in their skills to practise. So you can easily take your friends or loved ones to this place and get them hooked up in the passion of flying over the water with you!

Get the right kite equipment for the Sicilian ride

Sicily can always surprise you with some extra wind. However, we can give you some guidelines on this. For the pre-season definitely prepare with smaller kites 7-9-12m depending on your weight. For the high season take bigger kites 12-14-17m. Kiting a big size is not a crime!

What to eat

Sicilians know how to feed you well. You will find some amazing breakfast options around the lagoon. The Saro bar is one of these reachable with a bike with wide choices of breakfast and dinner options. But if you wish for a cosier solution and where budget is also of question just a few hundred meters away from Saro you will find the ‘Il Mulino’ bar. Would you like to try a bit of all for the evening? Then go visit Divino Rosso restaurant with moderated prices and all the local food what Sicily can offer. Travel tip: book a table beforehand, everybody knows this is an awesome place and it can be full quick.

Wanna get comfy fast?

The kite lagoon itself doesn’t feature many services you can, however, get the most necessary things for your stay. Small bars and some basic food options are available. If you want to fulfil your Italian culinary trip, wine tasting, restaurants, city visits we recommend you to rent a car. If you arrive by plane the easiest is to get this right at the airport, but cars are available sometimes at the kite schools too. You will find well-equipped shops as well nearby if you want to cook or just to have always some cold beer in the fridge. There is a pizza ordering option next to the lagoon from Master pizza. You can find pharmacy 10 mind drive from the spot and a modern hospital 20 min drive if needed.

Gear up

Whenever you plan to visit Sicily we are ready with clothes for you. For springtime, a high neck hoodies are perfect protection and style while for mid-summer you can find your perfect match of dress to show yourself on the beach parties of Stagnone.

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