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Evokaii Pascal Christen TheFreeSurfer Travel Blog

It’s been time – long overdue actually. As at the most times if you would talk with Pascal during a beer at the evening sun overlooking the lake in his hometown in Zug, Switzerland. He’s been already several months in the country, working hard so that he can leave and travel/surf the world again. His work […]

Travel | Surf Updates

Evokaii Pascal Christen TheFreeSurfer Travel Updates

New updates over at TheFreeSurfer.Com from our friend Pascal. If you are looking for some free surf travel advise, head over and read his stories. You can also stalk him on Facebook, he’s happy to give you advise from years of travels and can tell you the best surf spots around.

In Search Of The Mermaid

Evokaii Kitesurf Fashion Mermaid Design

Many years, stories of the surfing sea mermaid spawn in our dreams and which we pursued on our search. After days on open sea and adventures across long forgotten islands we eventually were able to take a glimpse at them… therefore this seasons specials are dedicated to them.

Pascal Christen | World Surfing Games

Evokaii Pascal Christen World Surfing Games

Our friend Pascal got again the chance to take part on the World Surfing Games in Nicaragua! We wish him lots of fun and waves on his next adventure! Make sure you follow him on his Facebook for updates and visit his travel blog for free travel surfing tips and reports!