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The favourite outfit of every surfer, besides the wetsuit, is a hoodie. Yes, sure, if you’re surfing at tropical beaches equally bathed by the sun along the year you might beg to disagree and prefer light beachwear. However, when you ride the waves at those less sunkissed spots of the globe, you know that your surf clothing can’t be just sleek. Your surfwear needs to be versatile and useful to help you stay stoked even under unfriendly weather conditions. And nothing is more versatile and useful than a hoodie. So here is a crafted list of 5 reasons why a hoodie is a must in every beachwear wardrobe collection.


For kitesurfers, no wind means no fun. When you are in the water that is, but once you’re out that best friend can become an annoying companion. That’s where a hoodie can save the day, providing all the shelter you need in one sweatshirt. Especially designed for the chilly moments, our hoodie collections are crafted in every detail to offer you the cosiest seaside sweatshirt possible. The Big Hood hoodie collection brings larger hoods so you can easily tuck all your hair in and keep your face protected while wearing your hoodie.  After all, there’s just so much hair dashingly hitting your face one can take. Our fashion style is also functional in every bit. Therefore, in the Long Hoodie collection, we added longer sweatshirt designs and thumbholes to help keep your bottom bits and hands warmer. After all, more than just your head, a hoodie can cover all your surfwear needs.


Gearing up for a ride can be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially when going to cold places. Chances are you will leave behind something important to fight the cold. But if you have your hoodie with you, you have a three-in-one piece that will tackle the role of a beanie and a scarf in just one surf sweatshirt. Besides, every hoodie we produce is made in high-quality, sustainable cotton and polyester blend, making them lighter and less likely to get wrinkles. This versatility is highly desirable not only for surf clothing but for streetwear apparel too. So even if you’re not going to surf but just boarding on any kind of trip, the “hoodie magic” can save you some space and stress. If you’re flying only with a carry-on suitcase, you know exactly what this means.


Sometimes the weather can act crazy and catch you unprepared. It only takes a strong wind (which again, we all love) to swirl clouds around and turn a chilly morning into an almost freezing afternoon. The best solution for unpredicted cold fronts is pumping your surf clothing with some extra layers like a warm hoodie, for example. Our Bombora fashion style is just perfect for that. With a slim cut, they allow you to have thick layers underneath without making you too puffy, so you can easily toss a jacket or coat over it.


We all agree that a hoodie is a trademark of comfort because of its awesome almost-centenary design. Oh yes, here is a fun fact: the first hoodie was designed in 1930. And if the design remains quite similar one thing changed for sure: the fabric. That’s why we pay special attention to the materials that we use in our surf sweatshirts, making them ideal for those who have skin sensitivity to certain materials. Each and every hoodie of all our fashion style collections use only natural fibres in their composition, like cotton and bamboo. This means that our surf clothing will be extra gentle on your skin, unlike the synthetic fibres that are used by other companies.


We’ve been talking about “function over form” all the way until this point, but let’s face it: looks are important. That’s why we bet on the details to make our women’s surf clothing designs stand out. Many of our hoodie styles bring in colourful patterns inside the hood, like the Candy Hood collection, dropping a pinch of style even if you have more layers over your beach sweatshirt. With plenty of options to choose, you can go from a one-coloured hoodie with charming bits of motifs, like the Long Hoodie styles to full-on pattern fashion style, like the Kangoo collection. You can also choose a hoodie which is longer, shorter, open cut or oversized style. We have them all. And bear in mind that layers are not only functional, as we mentioned before, but also add quite a swag to your outfits. So go on and get creative with our awesome hoodie designs.