At Evokaii we love life and are passionate about the things we do, and when we adventure out into the world, we also want to feel and express this compassion. We enjoy comfort and represent our confidence in our surf fashion style in which we dress.

Our high-quality fashion clothes are inspired by our love to nature and the sea to which rhythm our hearts move. Our bright colors with island inspired designs will make you stand out in the common world and declare your message of passionate independency. The surf styles that we offer include a variety of items from light and airy dresses to comfy coats. Our surf clothing is designed with you and your active lifestyle in mind, so that on the go you can always feel comfortable and confident.

Perfect for any day at the beach, the mountains or for the plain city vibes, we offer trendy surf fashion clothing for every type of weather. Our lovely surf style sundresses or tanks are a great choice to accompany you on warm days out your fun adventures to soak up in the sun. For those days with a breeze or cool evenings with some drizzle our bright hoodies will keep you warm and your spirits up. Cuddle up with your sweetheart and watch the waves wash in on a chilly day while wearing one of our cosy oversized surf clothing coats. We have surf styles that are perfect for any casual occasion, so you can take on whatever the day throws at you.

We have a wide selection of free style designs for women that are perfect for when you are trying to stay fit and active. Our clothing line offers pants, tshirts, and hoodies which will keep up with you whether you are working out in the gym, jogging, biking, or even shredding on your snowboard through the depths of the snowy mountains. As we are mostly on the move, we have made all our clothes to be comfortable which allows them to flow with you. Buy your trendy surf fashion and enjoy the combine your passion with your feeling and look.

We create our surf clothing with all-natural fibers like cotton and bamboo because we care about the environment and the impact that we leave behind. Using natural fibers also means that our products are gentle on your skin and ideal for those who have sensitive skin. When you order products from us at Evokaii you can feel good that you are wearing products from a company that is committed to making you look good and feel comfortable while also doing its part to help keep our footprint on our beloved planet to a minimum. We create slow fashion products, which means their high-quality material will last for a very long time and its fashionable design won’t go out of style.

We all deserver to be comfortable in whatever we wear and frankly, why would you wear anything unless it makes you feel good when you wear it? We express ourselves with what we wear and show our attitude to the world. Evokaii’s wants to instil every woman who wears our surf clothing products with the confidence that to conquer anything every day. We at Evokaii invite you to look through our shop and buy a few of our trendy surf fashion clothing items to add into your personal collection.